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Practice Social Responsibility, and Jointly Fight Against COVID-19

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Recently, a new round of outbreak has been brought about by COVID-19 Omicron. In face of the epidemic, Huizhong actively undertook enterprise's responsibility and participated in the anti-epidemic work. Meanwhile, Huizhong continued to provide high quality services during the epidemic.

Devotion to voluntary service

In this special period, there emerged numerous “Heroes in harm's way” in Huizhong, who walked firmly to dangers, with the spirits of facing difficulties and dangers and shouldering heavy burdens, interpreting the responsibilities of Huizhong people with practical actions.

They devoted themselves to anti-epidemic work as volunteers. They contributed to fighting against COVID-19 in different ways, and built solid and reliable anti-epidemic weapons with the most hardcore strength.

High-quality service and unremitting persistence

Under this servere situation, Huizhong people not only actively participated in fighting against COVID-19, but also continued to work systematically. They provided services for customers in various ways in different areas, ensuring the timely delivery of products and promoting high-quality service.


Meanwhile, Huizhong's service hotline 400-612-5080 provided 7*24h service for customers.

People of worth show their morality during hardships. In face of the epidemic, Huizhong continued to actively respond with a struggling attitude. Every Huizhong people who fought against COVID-19 is a “banner” for all of us, interpreting the responsibilities of Huizhong people with practical actions.

Gold was accumulated from tiny sand. Let us continue to work together and win the battle of epidemic!

Support & Cooperation

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