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Huizhong Smart Heating SaaS Platform Lays a “Fast Lane” for Heating Informatization

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With the aggravation of energy shortage and air pollution, it is increasingly urgent to build smart heating system and heating informatization for heating enterprises. It is clearly stated in “Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030” that “improve informatization level of energy management, perfect the online monitoring system of energy consumption of key energy users, establish a national and industrial service platform for popularizing energy-saving technology, and promote energy-intensive enterprises to establish energy management center.” 

Huizhong has built a smart heating cloud service platform based on its independent innovation technology, which can provide a series of services such as software system hosting and software & hardware maintenance for small and medium-sized enterprises. Heating enterprises do not need to purchase software and hardware, build computer rooms and recruit IT personnel. They can use heating related application systems through the heating cloud service platform by purchasing the required cloud service system functions.


1. Monitoring & diagnosis: Online monitoring and diagnosis of the running data, statistical analysis in charts, and mastering the running status; Intelligent real-time reminder of abnormal equipment and working conditions to quickly find operation risks.

2. Auxiliary operation & maintenance: The work order process is fully closed-loop, and the troubleshooting can be traced to improve the operation & maintenance efficiency.

3.Multiple mode management: Provide unified management including public cloud and private cloud.


1. Wide application: Lower cost, functions can be freely selected according to customers’ needs.

2. Cost saving: Save the costs of the construction related software and hardware systems and personnel maintenance.

3. Continuous upgrading: Continuous online upgrading of the application system to enjoy the latest functions in real time. 


1. Improve the operation & management efficiency of heating system, and help heating enterprises focus on heating work itself.

2. Provide safe and reliable data access and storage to ensure the information security.

3. Continuously practice the Internet + Concept, and deeply integrate the relevant management systems of traditional heating enterprises with the Internet application. 

Huizhong will continue to be guided by “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”, optimize the functional upgrading of supporting software and hardware related to smart heating, explore a innovative service mode of energy-saving and green development, providing guarantee for the implementation of "Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy".

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