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Huizhong Promoted Smart Heating to Solidly Step into Low-carbon Transformation

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As an important national strategy during “the 14th Five-year Plan” period, “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy” is the key driving force for China to promote high-quality economic and social development with technological progress, innovation and institutional reform. Under the new situation of it, the energy-saving transformation of the heating sector is imminent, and the reform of heating metering is also needed to be deepened, which also ushers in a major opportunity for the development of a new smart energy-saving heating service mode. 

Huizhong, as the provider of smart heating solution integrating “hardware product + software platform + operation & maintenance service”, provides customers with comprehensive services covering “accurate metering, whole-network monitoring, diagnostic analysis, and operation & maintenance service” with full-scenario products with accurate metering, data-based smart heating platform and reliable operation & maintenance services during the whole heating season, which promotes smart heating to solidly step into low carbon transformation. 

Whole-series hardware & software products serve for creating smart heating

Huizhong smart heating services have covered full-scenario products, smart heating platform and operation & maintenance service. The heating products realize accurate heat metering in all fields from heat source to pipe network, from buildings to households, from management to charging. The heating smart platform realizes the digital presentation of heating big data, and accurate data analysis enables heating enterprises to realize scientific operation and scheduling. Operation & maintenance service can help customers realize efficient and refined management, providing reliable guarantee for heating operation. 


Careful inspection serves for establishing Huizhong service brand

In order to ensure the stable operation of Huizhong products, and further improve customers' experience of Huizhong service, Huizhong strengthened active service, conducted inspection service on the operation status of meters in the early stage of heating season for key customers. Huizhong also timely did a good job in the maintenance of meters, problem handling and troubleshooting, so as to provide effective guarantee for the normal heating of heating enterprises, laying a solid foundation for conveying Huizhong service concept and establishing Huizong service brand.


Technological innovation serves for building a leader in energy-saving

Focusing on “Carbon Peak and Neutrality Policy”, energy-saving transformation is fundamental and technological innovation is the core. Relying on the independent core technology of ultrasonic flow measurement, Huizhong has deeply explored the key points of energy-saving transformation of customers according to the characteristics of the heating sector, and actively committed to the innovative R&D of new products and new platforms. Moreover, it constantly achieved new breakthroughs in ultrasonic flow measurement in exploration, and provided product and technical support for energy conservation and consumption reduction, creating an energy efficiency leader in the sector.

Huizhong will continue to take scientific and technological innovation as the basis, continue to help heating energy conservation and consumption reduction and intelligent transformation, enabling the reconstruction of green and low-carbon heating system, and injecting new momentum into energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development of the heating sector.

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