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Huizhong Technology Innovation Center was included in the supervisory sequence of Hebei Provincial

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Recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized a centralized acceptance of the completion of the construction tasks of the relevant technology innovation center. Huizhong's Hebei Province Ultrasonic Testing and Measurement Instrument Technology Innovation Center" passed the construction task acceptance and was included in the supervisory sequence of provincial technology innovation center.


The technology innovation center is an important carrier of enterprise technology innovation, meanwhile it is also a technology innovation platform for the development of crucial universality technologies, technology integration, transformation of scientific achievements, technical services, and the gathering and training of technological innovation talents. The technology innovation center is included in the management series, which is a full recognition of the scientific and technological innovation capability, technological research ability, and comprehensive strength of Huizhong. It also marks that the construction of the technology innovation center of Huizhong has achieved initial success, and has entered the stage of substantial operation.

Innovation is the soul of Huizhong. As a technologically innovative enterprise started with technology, it has been deeply involved in the field of ultrasonic flow measurement for nearly 30 years. During the time, Huizhong has always regarded the technological innovation as their priority and constantly optimize its products and solutions, and Huizhong has persistently injected energy into the development of ultrasonic metering industry with their full-caliber and full-process products and services.

In accordance with the relevant requirements for the construction and operation of the provincial technology innovation center, Huizhong will continue to strengthen the comprehensive construction of the technology innovation center, steadily improve the independent innovation ability and technical service ability of the technology innovation center, and take full advantages of the provincial technology innovation center's ability to gather superior scientific and technological resources, carry out the research and development of core technologies in the industry, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and impel the technological progress of the industry, so as to make due contributions to the high-quality development of the ultrasonic metering industry.

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