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Developing the future of smart water, Huizhong shined in the Mountain City—Chongqing

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On April 14th, the 2021 annual meeting of China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, as well as the exchange exhibition of urban water technology and product officially opened in Chongqing. At the conference, local water conservancy associations, urban water technology and product suppliers, and experts and scholars gathered here to discuss the industry development plan. Huizhong made a wonderful appearance with its new service concept, intelligent products and solutions covering the whole process of water supply.


Huizhong's brilliant smart solutions

With the comprehensive application and rapid development of big data and 5G in the water supply industry, smart water steps into an unprecedented leap, and further promotes the transformation of the industry from product & technology marketing to overall smart solution marketing. Following the industry reform, Huizhong perfectly combines the new technology with ultrasonic flow measurement technology, takes the lead in proposing smart solutions in various stages of water supply, and makes outstanding contributions to promoting the water industry management, improving the utilization rate of water resources, and enhancing the awareness of water saving and energy saving in society.


Water supply management solution to smart community

Huizhong ultrasonic water meter and community water supply management solution", as an essential part of Tangshan “Smart Community Construction”, has been praised by People's Daily. Meanwhile, the intelligent ultrasonic water meter and water supply service platform has won the Excellent Product Design Award at Goldreed Industrial Design Award, and the product technology and performance have been approved by the Future Industrial Design & Research Institute of Xiong'an new area. In the exhibition, starting from the practical experience of the solution application, Huizhong discussed the development mode of smart management of community water supply with customers.

Digital solution to water supply network

The digital solution to Huizhong water supply network is based on the flow and pressure meters throughout the network, and uses the data of flowrate, pressure, flow direction, water temperature and meter status to achieve accurate digital description of the network.

Build urban lifeline with smart water

As an essential part of smart city, smart water integrates the isolated operation system by 5G and big data, and analyzes the operation of water production, water delivery and water sales in real time, so as to make intelligent response to the whole water supply process and promote the continuous optimization and improvement of water supply management.

Huizhong's smart water solution takes the actual application as the core, the construction of the digital system of the whole water supply network as the basis, and the sustainable technical service as the guarantee. Through the digital description of the water supply network, the digitization and visualization of each part are completed during the process of water production, water delivery and water sales, presenting a clear "twin mirror" effect to the management personnel, and comprehensively promoting water supply enterprises from the perspectives of water supply, energy saving and consumption reduction, leakage control and active service. 


Through its continuous technological innovation, and transformation & upgrading, Huizhong shows the unlimited possibilities brought by intelligent products and system solutions to customers. As the industry standard-bearer, Huizhong will continuously promote technological innovation in product and service quality improvement, and contribute to the digital reform of water supply industry.

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