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Huizhong appeared in the China Water Conservancy Expo

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On April 27th, the 2nd China (Shandong) Water Conservancy Science & Technology and Ecological Construction Expo was grandly held in Tai'an, Shandong Province. As an active participant and practitioner in smart water conservancy industry, Huizhong made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition with its full caliber water metering products, integrated urban and rural water supply solutions, and flow monitoring system solutions to open channels, bringing a new experience to numerous professional visitors through exquisite booth design and product display.

Famous products gathered

At the exhibition, all the full caliber water conservancy metering products of Huizhong appeared. The diversified product line of ultrasonic flow meter, the high-quality product performance of accurate measurement, and the unique flow monitoring system solutions to open channels attracted numerous industry experts' attention. The box culvert flowmeter, which appeared for the first time in the exhibition, ignited the whole exhibition and became the “eye-catching king”.


Huizhong's water metering products not only promote the improvement of the data collection of water conservancy engineering, agricultural water measurement and industrial measurement, but also help the development of industry big data analysis and informatization, providing scientific basis for the management department to formulate relevant policies.

Brilliant urban-rural integration water supply solution

The urban-rural integration solution of Huizhong has complete associated process, including full caliber intelligent meter, pipe burst monitoring system of water supply network, monitoring system of water plant and midway booster pump station, meter reading and charging system, village and town water supply management system, wechat applet of intelligent water management, etc. It provides a solid foundation for ensuring the safety of urban and rural water supply, improving water supply quality and water saving efficiency, and helping the development of smart water conservancy.

Create a new perspective of water conservancy industry

This appearance in the water conservancy industry exhibition fully shows Huizhong's determination to continue to cultivate the intelligent water conservancy industry, create a new perspective of water conservancy service with high-quality water conservancy products and systematic solutions, and lead the new direction of water conservancy development. Huizhong,as a practitioner of intelligent water conservancy, will actively offer suggestions for the water conservancy industry, enabling the water conservancy industry to develop with high quality in water saving and energy saving.

Support & Cooperation

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