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Create the grand blueprint of water conservancy

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On May 13th, general secretary Xi Jinping went to the Core Headwaters Area and the Location of Canal Head of the Mid-route of South to North Water Transfer Project--Xichuan County, Nanyang City, inspected the Taocha Canal Head Project, Danjiangkou Reservoir and Zou Zhuang Village in Jiuchong Town, and observed the operation of the construction management of the Mid-route of South to North Water Transfer Project and the ecological protection of the water source area. On May 14th, the general secretary presided over a forum on promoting the high-quality development of the follow-up work of South to North Water Transfer Project and delivered an important speech, pointing out the direction for promoting the high-quality development of the follow-up work of this project.

"South to North Water Transfer Project is related to overall strategic situation, long-term development and people's happiness."

South to North Water Transfer Project is a major strategic infrastructure to optimize the allocation of water resources in China. It is a large-scale water conservancy project crosses basins and provinces. The Mid-route of South to North Water Transfer Project has a long route and large water flow, so how to carry out scientific dispatching is particularly important. Therefore, water flow measurement has become an essential part in the dispatching of the Mid-route of South to North Water Transfer Project.

Scientific water transfer is inseparable from the accurate measurement of water flow. With the advantages of high measurement accuracy, strong stability, low maintenance costs and reliable solution, Huizhong has successfully participated in the project and provide a guarantee for the accurate measurement of project data. Meanwhile, in view of many problems such as water cut-off, remote installation location, no power supply and water flooding of manual surface well, the advantages of multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter of Huizhong are obvious, which include adapting to various complex flow patterns, installation without breaking pipe and stopping water, IP68 protection class. 


Participation in this project fully demonstrates Huizhong's actual strength, shows the industry's recognition of Huizhong's product performance, and is a brilliant stroke in Huizhong's water conservancy project.

"To continue the scientific implementation of water transfer project, strengthen demand and supply management on the premise of comprehensively strengthening water saving and rigid restriction of water resources."

Huizhong goes ahead in water saving and energy saving. As a water supply metering enterprise and energy management & control solution provider, Huizhong assumes its responsibility, makes full use of the advantages of whole process and whole system, and effectively monitors "running, emitting, dripping and leaking" based on accurate measurement, so as to make water resource management to be more scientific and standardized. Meanwhile, Huizhong actively develops supporting intelligent management system, builds intelligent solution system from multiple perspectives, and promotes the rapid realization of refined management and precise scheduling of the industry, and enhances the efficient utilization of water resources.

Water conservancy is related to economic development and people's livelihood and happiness. As an important livelihood project, smart water conservancy construction is also an important part of smart city. Huizhong will adhere to the development concept of environmental protection, stabilization and high quality, improve the intelligent operation with refined management, enable the energy-saving management with innovative solutions, and create a grand blueprint for water conservancy industry.

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