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Huizhong has been listed in "Top 50 Electronic Information Enterprises of Hebei Province in 2020"

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In order to further promote the innovation-driven and high-quality development of the electronic information industry in Hebei Province, the Hebei Information Industry and Informatization Association released the list of “Top 50 Electronic Information Enterprises in Hebei Province in 2020”, and Huizhong was listed.

The listed enterprises conscientiously implement the new concept, actively face risk challenges and promote transformation & upgrading, develop and expand new momentum, maintain a good momentum of steady development, and have excellent performance in technological innovation, market expansion, brand building, quality and efficiency.

Electronic information industry is an important field of a new round of scientific & technological revolution and industrial change, and an important driving force to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. The top 50 enterprises will give full play to the leading and supporting role of the industry, strive to build industry brands, and empower the development of electronic information industry.

With the acceleration of the strategic layout of intelligent manufacturing and transformation & upgrading, Huizhong has continuously strengthened science and technology brand building, explored key core technology, deeply promoted the transformation of application achievements of new generation information technology, continued to deepen opening-up and cooperation and enabled the high-quality development of information industry driven by innovation. 


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